November 5th, 2013

Can Slumped Shoulders Cause Jaw Pain?

I want to introduce you to a common problem called Upper Cross Syndrome or UCS. Upper cross syndrome is a chronic issue that generally  takes years to develop. However, once symptoms arise they can cause problems and be very symptomatic,  ultimately leading you to contact your local chiropractor for help.

Headaches, neck pain and jaw pain are often related to misalignments or subluxation in the cervical spine.  If you’ve been reading  post on this site you can recall that subluxations occur when certain muscles attached to the individual segments of the spine (vertebrae), tighten and can move those segments away from their normal position. This in turn causes negative effects that go beyond the general area in question.

Inflammation will begin around the nervous tissue and the nerves function less than optimally and decrease communication signals needed from the spinal cord to their desired location in the body.


headaches, neck pain, jaw pain

headaches, neck pain, jaw pain

If you have UCS you will notice that if you look at yourself in the mirror from the side, your head is forward and your shoulders are rounded towards the front of your body and your chest is somewhat slumped inwards. This type of posture is due to the muscle imbalances in the upper body responsible for keeping you upright and stable while walking around. When you do begin your treatment plan make sure that certain things are being addressed to help you overcome and correct this issue as fast as possible.

Spinal adjustments and postural exercises are the most effective way to restore proper balance in the areas affected by the long term onset of UCS. Over the next few weeks continue to read these post as I share the best ways you can begin working on UCS to reduce the symptoms you have dealt with.

October 28th, 2013

The reason lower cross syndrome causes low back pain for people who live sedentary lifestyles is fairly simple. I’m often asked “How can sitting too long cause back pain?”

Muscles that attach to the spine get tight and start to pull the segments out of place and that leads to pain and discomfort. So…the logical question would be how or what can be done to fix the problem? There are a few things that should be done. As mentioned LCS begins when a set of muscles from being in the seated position for too long are contracted longer than they should be. And conversely muscles that are opposite of those become weak and too flexible. Basically the balance is not there.

Chiropractic adjustments to the segments of the spine that are subluxated are vital for removing pressure and interference present on the nervous system.

Stretching Hip Flexors

Chiropractic solutions for LCS

Strengthening the inner core and gluteal muscles is the most efficient way to reverse lower cross syndrome and regain the proper posture for your spinal alignment.

Also stretching the tight muscles of the hip flexors and low back muscles are crucial to reverse the pulling that is taking place at the locations where muscles have been overly contracted. This will help bring the strength back to the core muscles that support the body while it’s in the upright position and provide the proper balance to regain the correct posture.

October 21st, 2013

How Increasing Core Strength Reduces Back Pain

marietta chiropractor treats back pain

marietta chiropractor treats back pain

If you suffer from back pain and have a lifestyle where you are seated for a long period of time you have to ask yourself one main question. Is Your Back Pain From a Weak Core? Core muscle strength plays a very important role in the prevalence of low back pain. The inner core muscles attach directly to the spine and are responsible for mobility and stability. That means that the majority of movement while in the upright position all begin with activation of the core muscles. The outer core muscles are more for functional movement that we perform in our day to day lives. When the core muscles are not as strong as they should be the way those functional movements are performed can change.

Muscles that should not be used have to get involved to help and these recruited muscles can lead to postural imbalances. When the imbalances occur a spinal subluxation will cause undue pressure on the nervous system which will eventually lead to some form of pain and dysfunction. The pain can begin as mild forms of cramping or lead to degenerative joint disease. Non structural problems may also occur such as constipation or even reproductive problems from the abnormal pressure on the nerves that control those functions in the body.

October 14th, 2013

Lower Cross Syndrome

Lower cross syndrome is a cause of low back pain for people who live sedentary lifestyles. This is an issue that generally takes years to develop and can have long lasting effects for those who suffer with it. The “cross” reference in lower cross syndrome refers to the anatomical location of muscle weaknesses and the excessive tightness of other muscles.


In LCS the abdominal muscles and backside muscles are weak and over stretched while the muscles in the low back and front of the hip are tighter than they should be. When LCS is present the muscles that become tight will cause displacement of the bones they are connected to in the low back and in the pelvis. When these muscles pull segments of the spine out of their normal position a misalignment occurs. This is called a “subluxation” which simply means a bone that’s out of place but not completely dislocated. Once lower cross syndrome is an issue it can lead to problems as severe as premature degenerative disease, arthritis and disc protrusions. If you have been dealing with low back pain and sit for prolonged periods of time you may want to be evaluated by your local chiropractor to find the best solution to manage your pain.

October 7th, 2013

Marietta Sports Chiropractor Adjust Tibia and Fibula Subluxation

Hello again, Last week I mentioned and wrote about high ankle sprain injuries to athletes and how it can lead to postural problems and low back pain if the sports chiropractor they work with has not addressed the postural challenges of healing from the sprain. What also needs to be addressed is the need for the re-alignment and adjustment of the bones that were pulled out of place and involved in the sprain.

This is key to have proper running mechanics and be able to restore agility, change direction and cut without pain. The technical term for a bone that is out of place but not fully dislocated is called a subluxation. A tibia and fibula subluxation is common after a high ankle sprain and may be uncomfortable after the actual sprain heals because the bones are still misaligned.

Once the rehab gets out of the acute phase and manipulation can be tolerated the tibia and fibula bones should be evaluated and treated for subluxation to insure proper mechanics of the lower leg and ankle. Restoring the natural motion of the tibia and fibula is a fairly simple process and should not cause any pain when being adjusted. Performing as an elite athlete requires the body to be at its optimum all the time, not just for a couple of plays. The majority of professional athletes use sports chiropractic to make sure they do function at the highest level possible. Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic works with athletes to help them achieve their performance goals and get to the next level.

September 30th, 2013

Sports Chiropractor Explains Hip Pain Following Ankle Sprain

Hello again, Last week I mentioned and wrote about high ankle sprain injuries to athletes. What also needs to be included in that conversation is how the body will-over compensate with its posture because of the weight that cannot be placed on the injured side. Whether crutches are being used or a cane or no support at all, when a part of the lower body is hurt due to a sprain it is natural to lean to the opposite side to take pressure off the hurt leg. The problem with doing this over the course of the injury is usually never mentioned.

Injured soccer football player on crutches

An excessive amount of pressure is placed on the opposite leg and hip which will cause  postural problems that will lead to muscular imbalance issues, low back and hip pain. Along with handling the rehab for the actual injured site, notice and care must be given to the spinal column and core of the body to keep the bio mechanics in proper condition for the return to the court or field. A great sports chiropractor will make sure you are aligned properly and provide the specific exercises you need to address your injury.

September 23rd, 2013

Heal Ankle Sprain Injury with Sports Chiropractor

Hello again, Our local Atlanta Falcons receiver is suffering from a high ankle sprain which has limited his on field production. This type of injury is severe enough to decrease performance but not so severe where surgical intervention is needed. Typically high ankle sprains occur above the ankle and the pain is mostly felt when the foot or leg is twisted. Some athletes can still participate in sporting events with the sprain but this may run the risk of increasing the time needed for the injury to properly heal.

The R.I.C.E method always applies with what should be done right after sprain injuries. In our office we also provide proper rehabilitation treatment to insure the tissue heals as fast as possible to get our patients back on the playing field quickly and making sure they are healed 100% and in game shape. Therapeutic ultrasound is great for assisting the body’s healing process and can reduce the time out of competition. Contact us if you have injured your ankle and need a great sports chiropractor to help.

August 29th, 2013

Sports & Chiropractic; Perfect Combination For Elite Athletes

What do Jerry Rice, Sidney Crosby, Emmit Smith, Tiger Woods and Joe Montana have in common? They are all notable athletes that used chiropractic as a part of their training routine during their careers in their sport. Sports chiropractic is a branch of my profession that is gaining popularity and acceptance in an industry that has been tough to crack in the past.
Our office has been a great asset to competitive athletes who are serious about taking their game to the next level by insuring they can perform at their best. Athletes in a wide variety of sports can benefit from sports chiropractic care. I understand the importance of the family who spends their weekends at AAU basketball tournaments in support of their son or daughter who’s seeking a college scholarship. Please contact us if you have any questions or to get more information about our sports chiropractic programs.

April 14th, 2013

Avoiding Back Pain With Yard Work

Yard work and maintaining the lawn is a good stress reliever for some people. Many homeowners enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice. However, it is called yard “work” for a reason and while enjoyable there are a lot of efforts needed to get the work done. Bending over to pull weeds, the constant vibration from sitting on a riding mower or using a push mower can all increase pain levels for someone who was injured in an auto accident. Pain can make an enjoyable hobby like gardening or a household duty such as yard work un-enjoyable. This loss of enjoyment factor must be documented in the doctors notes so the attorney representing the patient can settle the claim with more ease after the patients doctor or rehab facility helps them feel better.

Once you are out of the initial acute phase of your injury and have been cleared by your doctor to become more active, you should take it slow so you don’t re aggravate the injury. also instead of doing outdoor task that you would normally do in one day, spread the task out over the course of the weekend or get someone to help you with the work.

Here are some tips to follow before going outside to perform yard work after suffering from back pain.

  1. Drink plenty of water before, during and after being outside to avoid dehydration
  2. Stretch before going outside to perform yard work. Make sure the muscles in the low back are loose so you don’t put excess strain on the area.
  3. When bending over, make sure you lift using your legs. Avoid picking anything up by just bending over and coming right back up.
  4. NEVER twist your body when you are leaning over. (this is a compromising position for the spine and can be problematic)
  5. Use knee pads if you will be doing gardening task to decrease stress on your joints.
  6. Take breaks frequently so that your muscles don’t fatigue in one certain position and go into spasm.

Dealing with back pain at home following an accident  can hinder your normal activity but it doesn’t have to stop it completely. As long as you make some minor changes to keep yourself out of trouble, you can still perform your hobby without worry.

I’m a good referral for your neighbor who mentions the need for a Marietta Chiropractor and not being able to spend as much time doing yard work because of the pain they feel after their auto accident. Have them call me and I will bring the enjoyment back to their life!

April 8th, 2013

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