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Marietta Sports Chiropractor Adjust Tibia and Fibula Subluxation

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Hello again, Last week I mentioned and wrote about high ankle sprain injuries to athletes and how it can lead to postural problems and low back pain if the sports chiropractor they work with has not addressed the postural challenges of healing from the sprain. What also needs to be addressed is the need for the re-alignment and adjustment of the bones that were pulled out of place and involved in the sprain.

This is key to have proper running mechanics and be able to restore agility, change direction and cut without pain. The technical term for a bone that is out of place but not fully dislocated is called a subluxation. A tibia and fibula subluxation is common after a high ankle sprain and may be uncomfortable after the actual sprain heals because the bones are still misaligned.

Once the rehab gets out of the acute phase and manipulation can be tolerated the tibia and fibula bones should be evaluated and treated for subluxation to insure proper mechanics of the lower leg and ankle. Restoring the natural motion of the tibia and fibula is a fairly simple process and should not cause any pain when being adjusted. Performing as an elite athlete requires the body to be at its optimum all the time, not just for a couple of plays. The majority of professional athletes use sports chiropractic to make sure they do function at the highest level possible. Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic works with athletes to help them achieve their performance goals and get to the next level.

Sports Chiropractor Explains Hip Pain Following Ankle Sprain

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Hello again, Last week I mentioned and wrote about high ankle sprain injuries to athletes. What also needs to be included in that conversation is how the body will-over compensate with its posture because of the weight that cannot be placed on the injured side. Whether crutches are being used or a cane or no support at all, when a part of the lower body is hurt due to a sprain it is natural to lean to the opposite side to take pressure off the hurt leg. The problem with doing this over the course of the injury is usually never mentioned.

Injured soccer football player on crutches

An excessive amount of pressure is placed on the opposite leg and hip which will cause  postural problems that will lead to muscular imbalance issues, low back and hip pain. Along with handling the rehab for the actual injured site, notice and care must be given to the spinal column and core of the body to keep the bio mechanics in proper condition for the return to the court or field. A great sports chiropractor will make sure you are aligned properly and provide the specific exercises you need to address your injury.

Did You Quit Your Favorite Hobby After Your Accident?

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Marietta chiropractor

The Atlanta Silverbacks are a local soccer team & facility for athletes who compete in the sport on a regular basis. During a recent auto accident consultation I asked the patient if he was unable to perform any hobbies or sports since the accident. He replied with a curious “Yes… ” and mentioned he would not have thought to mention his inability to play soccer competitively after his accident because he didn’t think it was important since it’s just a “hobby”.

Hobbies & sports are considered loss of enjoyment factors and should be documented in the doctors treatment notes. The notation of this, and other changes, to his lifestyle help his attorney properly represent him. Not only should the doctor provide the proper treatment to decrease his pain, rehab the injury and get him back on the soccer field as fast as possible, he can also feel confident that his loss of enjoyment factors are properly documented.

A Danish study in 2009 from the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research proved that the sport of soccer actually strengthens the core and muscles in the low back. In certain instances handling back pain while playing a sport is done with the team trainer or a team doctor. After an auto accident this may pose a problem because of ongoing litigation or the specifics of an accident case. If the player is an amateur and does not have the direct access to medical staff like a professional team player he or she may have more trouble getting the proper treatment and most of the time has to stop participating in the sport altogether. This can be very annoying and frustrating as the victim of an accident because they are no longer able to participate and enjoy something they enjoyed doing before being hurt.

Outside of treating the patient and helping them to recover from the injuries, it is very important that the doctor they are treated by is documenting their loss of enjoyment factors accurately. The doctor’s notes are what the attorney representing the patient uses to help settle their case and if the doctor does not include the small details of information about how the patients life has been affected from the accident then it could be detrimental.

These tips are helpful for the amateur athlete following an auto accident:

1) Get the proper treatment.

2) Understand the timeline, plan and prognosis given to you.

3) Find out what you can do to speed your recovery.

4) Find another hobby you enjoy that wont hurt you to avoid sadness and depression.

There’s a saying about doctor notes “if it isn’t in the notes… then it didn’t happen.

Dr. Branden Evans is a Marietta chiropractor near Atlanta, GA. He has been in practice for nearly 10 years and enjoys helping patients recover after auto accidents. Contact him if you have been hurt and are in need of an injury chiropractor

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Saturday, February 2nd, 2013