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Should You Eat McDonald’s When You’re Hungry?

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
Hope your week is off to a great start! The next couple of emails I will be a part of a series on GMO’s, Genetically Modified Organisms. This is such a vast topic to cover with lots of information and it’s best if it’s broken up. This random and kind of funny sparked this conversation…
A couple of weeks ago during a pretty hard rain a man came up to the window of my car and said… “Excuse me sir, I’m a homeless veteran and I would like to ask you for some money so I can get a meal from  Waffle House”.  I reached into my pocket, gave him the couple bucks I had on me and we exchanged well wishes to one another.
Just as I handed him the money a woman pulls up and starts honking her horn to get my attention. She lowered her window, held up a McDonald’s bag and says. “that man told me he was hungry… I just bought him this sandwich from McDonald’s and he won’t take it”. We both kind of shook our heads over the situation and as I drove off two things occurred to me:
1) I guess he really wanted Waffle House
2) Even a hungry, homeless man who’s standing in the rain knows it’s not wise to eat McDonald’s!
The first thing we’ll cover is what makes a food or product GMO.
GMO – are foods that have been changed from the way they would naturally occur.
Here’s a common example – Scientist changing the DNA of corn so it’s resistant to a chemical treatments that a farmer would use to kill insects that traditionally would have also killed a natural grain of corn. GMO foods typically produce more yield and are better for a company’s bottom line because there’s more control over the product.
The major issue is the impact that this has on people after we consume these products and the overall impact it can have on your health over the long term. This is not something that will cause an immediate problem. However, the long term effects are frightening.
Next time we’ll cover the foods and products that are the most common GMO’s, why they are harmful to you and then we’ll get into what types of health problems arise from consuming these foods. Stay tuned….
As always, I appreciate all of the feedback from these messages and be blessed until we speak again!


Control Blood Sugar Naturally? Yeah – Right!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Just another story from a recent patient’s experience with making the right changes to help reduce some of the health issues she was suffering from. High blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and insomnia do not have to run your life and can be handled in a relatively short period of time. It’s amazing what the body can do when you treat it with a little TLC!


“I will admit I was a little skeptical about trying the Wellness Plan with Dr. Evans.  I was really struggling with being able to sleep and  my joint pain almost had me at a halt with any type of physical activity.  The last straw was being diagnosed with borderline diabetes and I just knew I had to try something different.  I completed the 21-day purification program and could tell immediate results.  My joint pain became almost non-existent.  I was able to get a full night sleep and start my day with a lot more energy.  My blood sugar levels fell down into a normal range.  I think participating in this plan was one of the smartest moves I’ve made in a long time.  It has definitely improved my overall quality of life.  Dr. Evans was there to answer any questions and support me through the entire program.  I can’t thank him enough for helping me turn my health around.  Thanks Dr. Evans!


Thanks again Dr. Evans.  I can really tell a difference when I’m eating right.  I can even pinpoint which foods are contributing to my sleeplessness and my joint pain.  I can’t thank you enough!”

Benefits of Vitamin D

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Vitamin D deficiency

There are many reasons to get outside and enjoy the day. It’s a beautiful day here in Atlanta and the perfect weather to get some sunlight. Vitamin D is more important than you may realize and plays a very important role in your overall health and wellness.  For starters Vitamin D mostly enters the body from direct exposure in the sun. This means being outside and not just getting indirect sunlight through a window. This is the absolute best way. There are some foods that contain Vitamin d as well. Some people also benefit from a supplement containing vitamin d.
Vitamin d plays a very important role in the prevention of osteoporosis and bone disorders.  Calcium and vitamin d work together to strengthen bone tissue and prevent fractures. Supplementing vitamin d must be monitored closely to avoid increasing levels too high. If the amount of vitamin d is not properly absorbed into the bone tissue and increases the amount in the blood problems can arise.  Kidney damage and other symptoms of toxicity can develop. Combining vitamin d supplements with certain types of medications or other supplements can also be harmful.
Other benefits besides bone strength include cell growth, helping the immune system function and reduced inflammation.  Very few foods contain vitamin d but there are many that become fortified to include it like dairy products and cereals.
A vitamin d deficiency can take months to reverse and the population group with the highest deficiency rate are seniors living in nursing homes. There should be no reason for a vitamin d deficiency but you will not hear much media attention given to this problem because there’s no drug to sell.  Increasing levels is as easy as spending as little as fifteen minutes in the sun each day.

Skin Glowing and Healthy

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


I was reminded about a patient I had who did very well on her wellness program after she did a 21 day detoxification and all of the symptoms that changed for her in less than a month. This was a woman who couldn’t sleep, had digestive problems and worst of all (according to her) the menstrual cycle irregularities prevented her from being able to become pregnant! There was a lot going on inside her body.  After her consultation we made the right changes and within a short amount of time her nagging symptoms were gone and I still remember screaming on the phone with her when she called and told me she was having a baby!!! This was her success story after she finished the 21 day’s:

 “When I met Dr. Evans, I was suffering from a variety of stress-related ailments (anxiety, insomnia, acne, menstrual irregularity). Thanks to following his protocol, I am feeling great on the inside and it shows on the outside too–my skin is glowing and healthy! What I like most about working with Dr. Evans is his overall approach to treatment. He works hard to educate his patients about the mind, body, spirit connection and pushes you to take ownership of your health. In my case, he helped me learn to listen to my body. Now, I can sense almost instantly when something is off and take corrective action.”
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about a nagging health complaint. I will let you know the right direction to get yourself to how you want to feel.