About Us

Dr. Branden Evans is a graduate of  Texas Chiropractic College just south of Houston, TX. As a chiropractor in Marietta, his office is located  just north of Atlanta, GA.

At Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy techniques and patient specific chiropractic wellness programs are used to manage pain, get rid of nagging symptoms and promote healing. Dr. Evans has trained extensively in treatment techniques to aid the body’s natural ability to heal. A chiropractor in marietta treats pain.

His practice was created to offer several methods with patient management that is personalized and efficient. Dr. Evans continues researching to ensure his patients get the results they desire using the safest and most natural strategies.chiropractor in Marietta taking new patients.

He has successfully performed thousands of consultations and he works with his patient’s health goals to help them achieve the results they want. Dr. Evans says, “The body can never truly become healthy if you continue to manage the symptoms. You must discover the root cause of the problem in order to reach optimal health.” This well rounded approach helps many people achieve extraordinary results with many different symptoms.

Chiropractor in Marietta

Chiropractor in Marietta

The techniques utilized and patient programs are case specific to achieve maximum results for each individual patient. The treatment modalities he uses are completely non-invasive and allow his patient’s body to heal itself.

Dr. Evans also works with your doctor to provide a natural approach to your healthcare. He has trusted relationships with neurologists, internists, physiatrists, orthopedists and primary care physicians. Chiropractic care is a popular choice to resolve health problems in this area. He says, “As a chiropractor in Marietta it is important relationships with other healthcare professionals for the betterment of the patient.” He helps many of his patients recover much faster when the use of drugs or surgery are necessary and cannot be avoided. Dr. Evans is an excellent communicator and has performed hundreds of lectures and seminars that take very complicated subjects and make them easy to understand.