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Marietta chiropractor


Dr. Branden Evans is a Marietta chiropractor and owner of Cobb Pain and Wellness Clinic. His office offers two types of chiropractic care, Relief Therapy and Corrective Therapy.

1)  Relief Therapy:
Is a short-term care plan which uses patient specific chiropractic treatment with the overall goal to restore normal motion spine or an affected joint and restore proper function of the nervous system.  Muscle spasms is a common associated factor with pain from spinal imbalances and are reduced using moist heat, electrical muscle stimulation and trigger point therapy. Therapeutic ultrasound may also be used at times to reduce inflammation, decrease pain levels and restore proper function at the cellular level.

Active treatment is included for each patient that includes stretching and strengthening exercises to be performed at home between office visits to promote a faster healing process. Relief therapy is generally used with acute injuries that suddenly occur and the timing and frequency of visits with the chiropractor vary depending on the specifics of each patient’s case.

2)  Corrective Therapy:
Is a care plan that generally uses many of the strategies mentioned above and may require an increase in active therapy to correct a long standing health problem that is the root of the pain experienced. The overall corrective therapy plan is longer and will require maintenance therapy.

As a Marietta chiropractor service is provided to Cobb County residents including Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Acworth, Powder Springs & Atlanta.

Marietta Chiropractor ; Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic offers help for:

1) Muscle & Joint Pain, Sprains | Strains

2) Sciatica | Slipped (herniated) Disc

3) Headache Pain

4) (Radiating Pain) Numbness & Tingling in the arms and legs

5) Whiplash | Auto Accident Rehab

6) Scoliosis Correction

7) Stretching | Strengthening of Muscles & Joints.

8) Nutrition & Wellness Programs

9) Office Work Station Evaluation

10)  Slip and Fall Injuries

11)  Sports Injuries

12) Relief for pain associated with pregnancy

13) Don’t forget about your kids!  They need to get adjusted too!

Non-Invasive Treatment Includes:

•  Diversfied Adjusting

•  Activator Adjusting

•  Drop Table Adjusting

•  Electric Muscle Stimulation

•  Therapeautic Ultrasound

•  Hot/Cold Pack Therapy

•  Trigger (pressure) Point Therapy

•  Muscle Stretching

•  Stabilization Exercises


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