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Sports Chiropractor Explains Hip Pain Following Ankle Sprain

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Hello again, Last week I mentioned and wrote about high ankle sprain injuries to athletes. What also needs to be included in that conversation is how the body will-over compensate with its posture because of the weight that cannot be placed on the injured side. Whether crutches are being used or a cane or no support at all, when a part of the lower body is hurt due to a sprain it is natural to lean to the opposite side to take pressure off the hurt leg. The problem with doing this over the course of the injury is usually never mentioned.

Injured soccer football player on crutches

An excessive amount of pressure is placed on the opposite leg and hip which will cause  postural problems that will lead to muscular imbalance issues, low back and hip pain. Along with handling the rehab for the actual injured site, notice and care must be given to the spinal column and core of the body to keep the bio mechanics in proper condition for the return to the court or field. A great sports chiropractor will make sure you are aligned properly and provide the specific exercises you need to address your injury.

Heal Ankle Sprain Injury with Sports Chiropractor

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Hello again, Our local Atlanta Falcons receiver is suffering from a high ankle sprain which has limited his on field production. This type of injury is severe enough to decrease performance but not so severe where surgical intervention is needed. Typically high ankle sprains occur above the ankle and the pain is mostly felt when the foot or leg is twisted. Some athletes can still participate in sporting events with the sprain but this may run the risk of increasing the time needed for the injury to properly heal.

The R.I.C.E method always applies with what should be done right after sprain injuries. In our office we also provide proper rehabilitation treatment to insure the tissue heals as fast as possible to get our patients back on the playing field quickly and making sure they are healed 100% and in game shape. Therapeutic ultrasound is great for assisting the body’s healing process and can reduce the time out of competition. Contact us if you have injured your ankle and need a great sports chiropractor to help.