Why Sitting at a Desk Causes Upper Back Pain

Desk jobs are a common and typical type of job in today’s society. Spending hours at a desk for over the course of a few years can have detrimental effects on the body.

A person with upper cross syndrome  or UCS has inadvertently trained some of their back and neck muscles to become over active and others the opportunity to remain weaker than they should be.

Someone with UCS will have the appearance of someone who walks around with their head lowered as if they are looking towards the ground. Their shoulders have that rounded over look to them and their elbows will point outward with the palms of their hands facing towards the rear of their body. This is due to muscle weaknesses in the scapular region allowing them to “wing” outward, coupled with tightness in the chest muscles pulling the structures where they attach inward.

Chest stretch

A way to reverse this problem is to:

1) do stretching exercises for the chest muscles and

2) strengthening exercises for the muscles that keep the shoulders back.

This will increase posture and remove some of the stress that causes mis-alignments to occur which in turn will decrease the symptoms that are related to this part of UCS.

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